What is FusionFit™

FusionFit™ is a fitness program developed by professional fight trainers and fighters applying the techniques, regimen and science of fight training to a fitness program for people that would like the benefits of "fight training" without being a fighter.

How does FusionFit™ work?

Mixed Martial Arts competitors (fighters) are amongst the world's most elite atheletes. Most coaches responsible for preparing these athletes are a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge on "getting in shape" and losing weight. FusionFit™ makes this knowledge available to everyone.

Who can do FusionFit™

Nearly everyone can do FusionFit™. The program is a blend of many popular exercise routines that are station based, interval training in a circuit format. Each person performs each exercise at each station at their own pace. Your coach will help you perform each exercise correctly and push you to increase your performance over time.

Why is FusionFit™ better than traditional gym workouts?

Traditional "gyms" are all about signing up people that won't show up. Think about it. What would happen if everyone signed up at the local "big box" gym actually used their membership! FusionFit™ is all about showing up. If you don't show up your coach will hold you accountable. Accountability is the key to success in this program. YOU set the goals, WE help you achieve them!

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